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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) UPDATE PAGE


This Saturday, 30th May.  Our Lead instructor Miz will be interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex about our learn to juggle initiative and lock down activities.  Tune in at 12.15pm 104.5, 104.8 & 95.0–95.3 FM DAB: NOW Sussex Coast Freeview: 720



Sweet Circus in the Park - Coming Soon!

With the government announcement that we can socially distanced meet up with 6 people Sweet Circus plan to bring a range of small group, 1 - 2- 1 and family classes to Eastbourne parks and gardens.  Bare with us while we work out the best and safest way to provide this.  More information should be available in the next week or two.  Can't wait that long?  Drop us a line and book a face to face circus meet up now:

We are now able to offer private / family lessons click here to find out more:

Keep informed, sign up at the bottom of the page or drop us a line to be added to our mailing list.  


Update 28.05.20

Due to the Covid 19 situation, all normal group classes have been suspended for the time being, however there are plenty of opportunities to get your circus on with us .... Read on:

It is so important that we all remain active and keep our brains challenged during these unusual circumstances to maintain good physical and mental health.  We at sweet circus have a range of Covid safe resources for you all as well as classes to keep you social through all of this.

Free Group Classes on Zoom:

Learn to Juggle Lunch Break is continuing via Zoom, Thursdays at midday.  This class is for all ages and abilities (children included) and is based around the equipment and activities in our 'Learn to Juggle Kits' although we also provide instructions on how to make your own.                      (

The log in details are released weekly on the Facebook event page found here: or you can email us and asked to be added to the Learn to Juggle emailing list:

50+ Social Circus has become 50+ Virtual Circus and for the time being also centres around our Learn to Juggle kits but the activities are designed especially for our fantastic 50+ participants.

The log in details are released weekly on the Facebook event page found here:

SC Youth Group Meet Up & Whatsapp

A fortnightly Zoom meet up is available for our existing Circus Monkeys seniors and Youth Group.  We do some conditioning exercises, and circus with owned equipment or objects from around the house.  Students are able to keep in touch via the whatsapp group where challenges are sometimes set and the occasional meme is circulated, but mostly this is a social opportunity for our teens.  If you would like to be added to the group please email us:

Free tutorials on YouTube

Through out lock down we have been filming several tutorials and follow along videos and publishing them on YouTube.  For many of them you don't need any equipment and those that do use equipment provide you with information on how to make your own at home.  Pop over to our channel and take a look, it really helps us out if you can subscribe to the channel too, you'll need a YouTube account to do this but it is quick and free to set that up!

View / Subscribe to our YouTube channel:




Update 01.04.20

We currently have equipment in quarantine ready to distribute next week as 'Learn to juggle kits'!

To help us all survive the current situation funders such at the Devonshire West Big Local have supported us to develop these learn to juggle kits to provide activities which will help keep our bodies and brains active and engaged. 

The kits cost £12 (£32 family kit) but we are talking to various funders who will enable us to offer discounts to various groups.  All Sweet Circus students will receive a small discount, get in touch to get the code.

What you get:
3 Juggling Balls
3 Juggling Scarves 
1 Juggling Ring 
(Family Kit: with 6 balls, 6 scarves, 6 bean bags and 3 rings) 

Activity booklet: This is still being developed and will be a text based document initially, however we will email you updated versions as and when they are completed.  A printed version is also available if required.

Already Available: Don't forget our Youtube channel has new releases every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of activities you can do at home .. Subscribe to the channel if you can (you need an account to do this but there is no charge for a you tube account) :

Coming Soon: 
Free Online Learn to Juggle Lunch Breaks: These are nearly ready to go live via Zoom, we will email you instructions and access codes as they become available. 
Free Online Course: This is currently under development but may take some time, again we will email you as soon as it is available. 

How does it work? 
Once you place your order we will email you your activity booklet within 3 days.  Please do check your spam folders regularly as we often disappear in there!  Please contact us as soon as possible if you require a printed version and we will print a copy to include this with your kit. 
We will retain your email address and send you information about online interactive sessions and the free online course as soon as it is available (please set your spam filters to allow emails from  Such updates will continue until classes are up and running again.

Why learn to juggle? 
Learning to juggle might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider improving your overall health, however, the benefits reach far beyond having a good party trick. 
In these unusual times it is important to remain active not only for our physical health but also for our mental health.  When learning to juggle, or generally being active, hormones are released which reduce stress and promote positivity.  When learning to juggle you engage both the right and left side of the brain, this is great exercise for the brain and will keep it engaged and alert throughout our Covid isolation.  There are many more benefits that result from learning this unique skill. please refer to our learn to juggle lunch breaks page:

Discount Codes:

Devonshire West Residents: If you live in the Devonshire West area of Eastbourne, the Devonshire West Big Local have provided funds to supply your learn to juggle kits free of charge.  Please enter 'devonshire' in the discount code box.

If you live in Eastbourne, please put 'eastbourne' in the discount box to receive free shipping.




Update *** Private lessons have now also been temporarily suspended :( *** We will be in touch with everyone who had one booked to discuss options.

Most recent advice has been to implement social distancing and avoid all non essential social contact.  There is a helpful graphic below from the World Health Organisation below which explains what this means.

While the current situation is an unfamiliar and difficult time for many of us, we at Sweet Circus feel it is important to find and cherish the positives.  For many of us there will be more family time, for those in our community who are isolated, neighbours will be more aware and able to lend a hand, perhaps even establish new friendships.  It is also the perfect time to take up a new hobby or learn something new.  Clearly we're going to tell you all to learn to juggle and start playing kendama!! But there are plenty of other things: knitting, crochet, singing, playing an instrument, writing, designing board games and so on. 

So whats the plan?
We have obviously had to suspend all group classes but we are working on a number of ways to still provide you with some circus :)

Right Now:
  • Our online shop is 'business as usual' products are being re-stocked as you read! All Eastbourne deliveries are free, just enter 'Eastbourne' in the discount code section.  If you are further away we will post items out to you. 
  • Anyone who had paid for classes this term in advance has been offered a private lesson instead and all the while venues are permitting us to do so, private or family (members of the same household) sessions will be available.  See more about this in the section below.
  • We are filming a series of free online tutorial videos, focusing on activities and exercises you can do at home regardless of whether you have any equipment.  The first of these will be launched on Monday on our youtube channel:

Coming Soon:
Private Lessons:
We have a number of lovely venues who are still able to offer us hires so long as stringent disinfection protocols are followed.  These will be available for as long as it is permitted, and safe to do so, to students old and new as 1 - 2 - 1's or for family groups (members of the same household) who are not in a vulnerable category and do not have any symptoms.  The cost of these will depend entirely on the venue but should be available by next week so please get in touch if you want full details.

Free Video Tutorials:
It is really important that as we become more isolated we remain active, not just physically but also mentally so we will be providing regular free activity tutorials via our You Tube Channel, starting Monday.  Subscribe now so you don't miss out on Miz making a fool of her self trying to use the technology!

Learn to Juggle & Circus at Home kits:
Over the next few weeks we will be developing kits of juggling or general circus play equipment along with instructions and games.  These will be available to purchase or hire.  We are talking to our funders and suppliers to make sure we can make these as affordable as possible, and we hope to have some free kits available for vulnerable groups. 

Online Learning:
We are currently looking into platforms such as zoom which would enable us to resurrect some of our classes including our much loved 50+ circus and add new ones - such as Zen Juggling.  For us this is both an exciting and challenging prospect that would enable students to participate at home.
Let us know what classes you would like us to make available and we'll do our best to make it happen.

How will sweet circus survive?
It is true that with the loss of classes, festivals and events over the next few months we have lost almost our entire income.  We have contacted our funders to see if we can amend the projects they have agreed to fund to support the work we intend to do now.
We are sadly not eligible for the business grants announced over the last few days as we do not pay business rates.
It is only through the sales of products, private lessons and potential donations that we will be able to generate any new funds to keep us running and providing services through this difficult time.  However, it is more important to us to keep the vision & the ethos alive and vibrant, to ensure people are able to access activities that improve and maintain their physical, mental and brain health.  

What can you do?

  • Visit our website, subscribe to our You Tube channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.  All these things increase traffic to and visibility of our services.
  • Keep Circussing: participate in our free tutorials and online learning and encourage others to do the same.
  • Donate: Should you wish to! We have set up a donate item in our online shop, perhaps if you have enjoyed one of our tutorials, or found a new passion through our posts you might like to put a pound in the pot. Here is the link: