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Classes & Workshops – Circus Fun for Everyone!

Community Circus Classes for Adults and Children

We have a range of classes for both adults and children, descriptions are below.
Online booking is available via Gymcatch here (takes you to a separate website).
If you don't see what your looking for here, get in touch and tell us about it, we're always keen to hear new ideas!


Classes for kids & Teens:

Our Wednesday classes involve both ground skills such as juggling, diabolo and poi and aerial skills, Thursdays are a little more serious and focus on Aerial Circus such as aerial hoop, silks and trapeze. Classes are designed to develop agility, balance, coordination, confidence, concentration, resilience and social skills.  Our specialist team of instructors are certified and experienced in working with children of all ages including those with SEND and neurological, learning or physical differences.

Aerial Dance are movement and creativity based Aerial Classes designed with dancers in mind. The lovely Electra Star Dance in Horam take bookings directly for these classes and can be contacted on

Our Home-ed Classes are relaxed and enjoyable, providing all the benefits listed above but amongst others from the home-ed community.  Circ-Ed is subsidised by the Fonthill foundation.  There are two classes, one provides just physical skills, the other incorporates Arts Award qualifications.

Youth Group Classes are fitness, strength and skills based but are focussed on self esteem, confidence, resilience and positive body awareness.  Our youth group is supported by KFC Community Grants.

Minis and Juniors Classes very much focus on fun, confidence and emotion regulation.  So whether your little one has no sense of danger or is just too shy to come out of their shell this is the perfect experience for them.

Most of our classes cost £42 for a 6 week term.  Individual / trial sessions are £8.
The prices can fluctuate depending on the funding we have available, read more about our pricing policy.
Many of our classes are over subscribed, you can join the wating list via Gymcatch.  Where there is demand we will endeavour to open more classes.

Classes for Adults:
Our exciting program of adult classes is designed and led by our team of professional Aerial Fitness instructors.  We are a very welcoming (if a little crazy) bunch, and whether you have a circus buddy you can bring along or will be flying solo we will ensure you feel comfortable and included. Whether you are new to this kind of activity or returning to exercise these classes will gently condition your body to be able to do all the upside downs, pretty shapes, strength moves and skills you desire whilst ensuring you have a good giggle along the way!  
To book find us on Gymcatch here (redirects you to a separate website).
Aerial Hoop Play
A low / grounded Aerial hoop class - Ideal for both beginners and returners, we'll spend some time working on strength and stamina as well of plenty of time exploring shapes, skills and flow.  
Aerial Hoop Fun
A beginners hoop class suitable for beginners and returners alike.  This class goes over the fundamentals of mounting, transitioning and building up the moves in your repertoire.  At the same time, we’ll be working on strength, stamina and flow.

Air control Aerial Pilates
This supportive self-care class will work your body in all the really important ways as well as have you making shapes cocooned in your own hammock.  It's Pilates, but it is in the air with your bodyweight supported and leaves you feeling relaxed and Scrummy!  Suitable for beginners, returners, and those who just want to give back to their body a bit! 
Strings & Balls
This is an open practice session.  If you have some circus skills and need space to practise through the darker months, you want to meet up with other circussy people and generally hang out then this is where you'll find that.  This is designed for adults although 16+ are allowed to attend with parental permission.  You are permitted to bring younger children with you but they are your responsibility throughout.  No need to book in advance, £2 minimum recommended donation on entry.  To join the Strings and balls community like the dedicated facebook page:
Aerial Open Practice
A new element of Strings and Balls, this is for aerial instructors and experienced students who want some time to train, and meet others.  An additional £3 is required to participate (£5 in all).  Please get in touch before you attend as we may need to get your instructor to sign off on you attending.


50+ Social Circus and Learn to Juggle lunchtimes – we’re working hard to try and bring these sessions back, but we are not quite there yet.  Let us know if you think you would be interested as this helps us persuade funders to help us get them running again 😊

If you would like to give Sweet Circus a try get book a class - we can pretty much guarantee you will have a good time :)
For further information on how to book click here:  Quick guide for the tech nervous!

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