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September timetable is here :)

 Circus Fun for Everyone!

Community Circus Classes for Adults and Children

Sweet Circus is a non-profit community circus based in Eastbourne.  We believe passionately in the ability of circus to improve physical, mental and social health, and that circus is for every body!  We run a range of weekly classes in and around Eastbourne which are friendly, welcoming and full of fun.  Classes can be book via our booking site: GymCatch 

Most of our classes are currently eligible for funding!  If you have a long term health / mental health condition, a disability, a learning difference or are from a low income household / live in an area of deprivation, your classes can cost as little as £4 a session.  All classes are open to all on a sliding scale payment system so you can choose how much to pay!


Sweet Circus are experts in providing welcoming friendly classes that will build your confidence alongside your strength and fitness.  Our primary aim is that you feel safe, included and have a great time.  We just relish in celebrating your effort and sharing your enjoyment!

Classes are open to all on a sliding scale payment policy:

Minimum payment = £9.50 Recommended payment £11
Or buy a 6 class bundle £50

Funding eligible minimum = £4 / 6 class bundle £24 (see below for eligibility)

If you have a disability, learning disability, long term health or mental health condition, come from a low income household or live in an aera of deprivation you are eligible for funding.  If in doubt, give us a shout! Full details of how to book your funded space are on the booking site and in our gymcatch guide here.

All adult classes are from age 16 upwards and can be booked via Gymcatch.  For help booking see our guide here.


Aerial Hoop:
Aerial Hoop is the most popular form or aerial fitness and even those who move on to other disciplines tend to start here: 
Hoop Play is an excellent class for beginners and returners alike.  This class goes over the fundamentals of mounting, transitioning and building up the moves in your repertoire.  At the same time, we’ll be working on strength, stamina and flow. Starts Mon 5th September.
Hoop classes with our guest instructor Maria Stutt!
We are unbelievably lucky to be hosting Maria for a short while before she goes off travelling. Maria single handedly created Cloud Aerial Arts in Manchester. She is a fantastically creative hoop artist with a billion top tips for hoopers of all levels. Her teaching style is both accessible, and celebratory.  Our team of instructors will be joining as many of her classes as they can - she's that good!
Beginner Hoop and Intermediate Hoop start 6th September, Mixed Hoop Starts 2nd September.

Mixed Aerial:
With a focus on Fabrics (silks and sling) and Static Trapeze this class is equally suitable for complete beginners and more advanced students.  We will be exploring the range of aerial arts and aerial fitness disciplines working on strength, fitness, flow and self belief.
Starts 14th September

Accessible Aerial:
This class is specifically for people who would love to give aerial circus a go but find it difficult to attend a group class due to health, anxiety, or confidence. These small friendly sessions will gently introduce you to a range of aerial skills at a slower pace and lower height and with all the adaptations you might need.
The ground floor studio is perfect for those with mobility differences, and the small class (Max 8 people) is intended to aid those with sensory or confidence differences. If you are concerned about joining a group class due to a health or mental heath condition, a disability or learning disability, you think you are the wrong age or shape, or just don't have the confidence to attend a regular class - start here - and you'll be surprised how quickly you progress!  
Starts 12th September

50+ Social Circus:
Circus is proven to promote and maintain brain health and can guard against brain function deterioration or diseases as we age.  You can expect to feel a little confused or disco-ordinated at times, and that’s when we all have a giggle and encourage each other to try again.
We’ll be using juggling, hula hoop, diabolo, feather balancing and all sorts of circus inspired activities to keep you moving, improving your agility, balance and coordination and ensuring you stay socially active also.  All activities are provided with levels and you will work at your own pace, we will adapt activities for those who need to sit, or indeed are super fit and strong.
The best bit is – you will learn a party trick or two to impress even the grandchildren 😊
Starts 6th September.  This class is run on a donation only basis!

Air control Aerial Pilates:

This supportive self-care class will work your body in all the really important ways as well as have you making shapes cocooned in your own hammock.  It's Pilates, but it is in the air with your bodyweight supported, leaving you feeling relaxed and Scrummy!  Suitable for all abilities. Starts 2nd September

Strings & Balls (autumn - spring only)
This is an open practice session.  If you have some circus skills and need space to practise through the darker months, you want to meet up with other circussy people and generally hang out then this is where you'll find that.  This is designed for adults although 16+ are allowed to attend with parental permission.  You are permitted to bring younger children with you but they are your responsibility throughout.  No need to book in advance, £2 minimum recommended donation on entry.  To join the Strings and balls community like the dedicated facebook page:

Aerial Open Practice (autumn - spring only, ) 

A new element of Strings and Balls, this is for aerial instructors and experienced students who want some time to train, and meet others.  An additional £3 is required to participate (£5 in all).  Please get in touch before you attend as we may need to get your instructor to sign off on you attending.

Online booking is available for all classes via Gymcatch -

If you have any questions at all feel free to drop us a line:

If you don't see what your looking for here, get in touch and tell us about it, we're always keen to hear new ideas!

Our expert team of instructors will use circus to develop an interest and enjoyment in physical activity.  Focused on physical and emotional literacy we will encourage the development of agility balance, coordination, confidence , resilience and social skills.
Our specialist team of instructors are certified and experienced in working with children of all ages including those with SEND and neurological, learning or physical differences.

Most of our children's classes are available on a sliding scale payment system (unless stated in the description):

Individual / Trial Session
Minimum payment = £8 Recommended payment = £8 Funding eligible minimum = £4
Term Booking (6 weeks)

Minimum payment = £42 Recommended payment = £55 Funding eligible minimum = £24

If your child has a disability, learning disability, long term health or mental health condition, comes from a low income household or lives in an aera of deprivation you are eligible for funding.  If in doubt, give us a shout! Full details of how to book your funded space are on the booking site and in our gymcatch guide here.

KiddiCircus is a great way to play with and enjoy the company of your younger children.  There's wonderful role play village to explore plus circus activities in the café (including aerial!). Children are fee to roam between circus and the tiny town village as they please. Sessions cost £5 (1 adult and one child up to age 8).  Book direct with KiddiCity (takes you to a new website).  Starts 6th September
This class is subsidised by Sport England and falls outside of the sliding scale payment system.

Circus Kids (age 5 - 9)– A little bit of juggling and spinning plates but mostly the ever popular aerial hoop, trapeze or fabric.  This after school session is suitable for children aged 5 - 9 and will be held in our pop up studio in the KiddiCity café.
Please note role play village is not included in this class.

Starts 15th September

Minis and Juniors Circus (age 4 - 11) - This class is very much focused on fun, confidence and emotion regulation.  So whether your little one has no sense of danger or is just too shy to come out of their shell this is the perfect experience for them.  A different ground skill each week followed by time up in the air :)

Starts 14th September

Home -Ed Circus (age 6+) - All the fun of the circus! For the home ed community. This session includes a different ground skill each week such as juggling, hula hoop, spinning plates, diablo or poi as well as time spent in the air on the aerial hoop, sling, silks or trapeze. The focus is on enjoyment, agility, balance and coordination along with developing confidence and resilience.  This class does not currently have any funding in place, but if finances prevent you from attending please get in touch, we will accommodate you if we can :)
Starts 14th September

YOUTH GROUP CLASSES (age 10.5 to early 20's):
We have a strong and supportive youth group for whom circus is as much about friendship and socialising as it is about being active.  Aerial sessions are all about getting off the ground in an aerial hoop, trapeze or silks, while circus sessions include all this plus ground skills such as juggling, diabolo and plate spinning. 
While fitness, strength and skills based sessions are focussed on self esteem, confidence, resilience, peer support, positive self-image, and making healthy choices. 
There is a deliberate overlap of ages from kids to youth and youth to adult to aid transition and meet children and young people according to their stage rather than age. 

Our youth session are all currently supported by funding.  They are available on a sliding scale payment system.  If finances are preventing you from attending please do get in touch, we have a pot set aside specifically for this purpose and will accommodate you if we can.

Individual / Trial Session
Minimum payment = £8 Recommended payment = £8 Funding eligible minimum = £4
Term Booking (6 weeks)
Minimum payment = £42 Recommended payment = £55 Funding eligible minimum = £24

If the participant has a disability, learning disability, long term health or mental health condition, comes from a low income household or lives in an aera of deprivation you are eligible for funding.  If in doubt, give us a shout! Full details of how to book your funded space are on the booking site and in our gymcatch guide here.

Circus & Support is a new extended session which includes a youth councillor as part of the delivery team who can offer guidance and counselling sessions within the class. There will be a meet, greet and intro on 14th September at 4pm and classes will commence on 21st September.

Youth Aerial (age 10 - 14) & Youth Aerial (age 14+) will both start on 15th September in our new Pop Up Studio in KiddiCity.

CIRCUS FUTURES This is an invitation only session for our children and young people who have the potential to perform or compete in the future or go on to pursue a career related to circus. Not everyone wants to develop their skills in this way so this trial course is some time set aside for those who are willing to commit to working hard, looking after themselves both in and outside of the session, and bring the right 'can do' attitude to class.

Students need to be attending other regular training with us such as another class, regular private lessons or work experience. If you have not yet been invited yet, but feel like this is for you, please do have a chat with us and we can guide you as to what you need to do in order to attend this class. In the future we aim to attract funding to this project as well as open it out to adult students.

For this trial we are asking for a minimum £12 contribution to hall hire. If however this disadvantages you, please talk to us and we will accommodate you if we can. obviously, if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford more, please do donate to provide spaces for other students.

St. Elisabeth's Church, Victoria Drive Eastbourne
KiddiCity Cafe, Langney Shopping Centre
The Yoga Life Studio, South Street Eastbourne
Electra Star Dance, Horam
East Hoathly Primary School
Many of our classes are over subscribed, you can join the wating list via Gymcatch.  Where there is demand we will endeavour to open more classes.

Coming Soon:
  ***Strength and Conditioning with Sophie ***
If you would like to give Sweet Circus a try  book a class - we can pretty much guarantee you will have a good time :)
For further information on how to book click here:  Quick guide for the tech nervous!

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