About us

Sweet Circus is a Community Interest Company, sometimes referred to as a social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation.
This means that we do not generate profits, or when we do, they are used to fund the continuing work we do.  We have social aims rather than commercial ones.
We believe passionately in the social, physical and mental health benefits of participation in Circus Arts and strive to make it accessible to all.
We aim to use participation to reduce isolation, improve confidence and positive self image, promote physical and mental health, community cohesion and provide employability skills and opportunities. 
We provide                                              
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Circus Play
  • Team Building
  • Quality Circus Supplies
The physical health benefits of circus skills are seemingly obvious as there is a level of physical activity involved, although most are accessible at a very low level of activity, as one develops skills they also develop the level of activity. So, increases in physical health and fitness happen quite naturally.  Circus skills develop coordination, proprioception and balance, all of which are particularly helpful to developing children, those with sensory impairments and older people.


What do we do?

Corporate and educational workshops: team building, juggling, circus skills tasters, aerial circus workshops, dance, stomp, drama, clowning, circus in maths and many more workshops are available.

So that we can provide inclusive classes, social circus and workshops for children and young people which focus on resilience, positive self-image and social skills. In addition to a 50+ social circus which aims to reduce isolation.

Weddings, events, festivals, birthday parties, corporate promotions and product launches.  If you want something different, if you want to stand out, we’ll be able to do something special just for you!

So that we can engage as many people as possible in circus through free play at events and festivals or just in the park, and take our workshops to community groups such as the scouts.

Retail good quality circus toys, fiddle toys and healthy activities.

So that we can promote active lifestyles and provide employability skills training as well as occasionally employment opportunities.

 The ability of circus skills to develop team working, social skills, perseverance and resilience have been acknowledged with circus being the original community arts form.  What is less well known is that the process of learning many circus skills engages both right and left brain.  This creates new pathways in the brain, which not only preserve our mental capacity as we age but in the immediate future can allow participants to innovate, see problems or situations from a different point of view and change perspectives.  There are also clear benefits to mental health and general wellness, a state of calm focus is developed through participation in circus arts, endorphins are released and stress hormones reduced. 
 What’s the Vision?
The ultimate goal would be for Sweet Circus to have its own premises which would provide studio space for some of our classes and workshops. It would incorporate a retail area where participants could learn retail and business skills and help them acquire gainful employment.  There would be a social element to this hub with space for people to meet and relax or study or socialise.  We would have classroom facilities and the resources to provide alternative education, to include core subjects as well as circus related qualifications.  We would become a training provider for circus instructors, community artists, teachers, employers and more.
In our local community we would see employers and schools encouraging juggling breaks among their staff and pupils.  In local recreation areas there would be social circus sessions with equipment available in storage units which can be opened by volunteer advocates.
A Little bit of History!
Qualified teacher, experienced community artist and performer Miz Wells initially began trading under the name Sweet Circus as a family project.  Along with her husband, she wanted to provide her two sons with real life work and social experiences to improve their prospects as adults.  The children were put in genuine decision-making roles and the project was successful at meeting its original aims. 
However, as awareness of their services grew so did demand and the family realised the need to take it to the next level.  They recognised the difference that a similar experience would make to others. So, they recruited a few ‘unrelated’ directors and a number of instructors and volunteers to help them grow the organisation.  As of September 2019 they became incorporated as a Community Interest Company.
Registered Address: C/O Active Cherry Fitness, Unit 44, Mountney Bridge Business Park, Westham, BN24 5NJ
Company Number: 12197473
Along with our partners at Active Cherry Fitness, Sweet Circus run a small lottery funded charity "Circus by the Sea", with the remit of bringing circus to the people and people together through circus. 
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