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Tri-it Juggling Bean Bags

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These little pyramid bean bags are the main stay of circus workshops for people leaning to juggle. They are pellet filled and fall dead when dropped which is very handy when you are first learning to juggle.

They come ins a range of colours and are machine washable which is always handy!

We use these very beanbags in our workshop kit, and our workshop kit takes a pounding week after week! We don't want our kit breaking anymore than you, so if it's in our workshop kit then you can be sure the quality and durability has been fully tested!

We like to keep a set of these around as they are good travelling companions. Robust, washable and filled with beads rather than seeds, they travel well Internationally and can deal with the rigours of adventure travel.

Price is per beanbag. Ask us about current colours or we will supply colours that we happen to like!