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Jugglequip Infinities

Do you like choosing juggling balls, then choosing the colours, then breaking them in, only to have the stitching separating after hours and hours of hard practice, then choosing more new balls, deciding on colours again, breaking them in, carrying them everywhere with you, loving them, then getting one destroyed in the rain, buying new balls....... if so then these are NOT the balls for you!


We think these are prob the best and most durable juggling balls in the World - sure it's just our opinion, but we do have a pretty good idea of what we are talking about on this subject.

Infinities come with a 3-year warranty. If any of your beanbags breaks in that time period, you can return it to us and we will send you a free replacement. 

We're not advising you to destroy them to get new ones as we will spot your devilish work, and you will need to pay for the postman to do his work both ways (we aren't made of money!).

How's that for product confidence?

Place your hand flat onto a ruler on a table and stretch your fingers as far as possible. Measure the distance between the tips of your thumb and little finger.

Hand size <21 cm 21–23 cm >23 cm

The size chart is a helping guide if you don't have prior experience with ball juggling. If you do, you probably know which size fits you well.

Here is how the range works, decide what you want from the table below, then order them up. Simples!