Let's Keep Circussing!

Not your usual newsletter ......

We had so much news to share with you about new products, new funders, new projects and new venues .....

However the current unusual and uncertain circumstances we all find ourselves in has prompted a very different type of news to share with you all.
As the country reduces as much social contact as possible it is important that we all find positive things to occupy our brains and keep our bodies moving.

This newsletter outlines the plans we have to help keep us all active, improving our brains and preserving positive mental health throughout this strange and unfamiliar time.

So whats the plan?
We have obviously had to suspend all group classes but we are working on a number of ways to still provide you with some circus :)

Right Now:
  • Our online shop is 'business as usual' products are being re-stocked as you read! All Eastbourne deliveries are free, just enter 'Eastbourne' in the discount code section.  If you are further away we will post items out to you. 
  • Anyone who had paid for classes this term in advance has been offered a private lesson instead and all the while venues are permitting us to do so, private or family (members of the same household) sessions will be available.  See more about this in the section below.
  • We are filming a series of free online tutorial videos, focusing on activities and exercises you can do at home regardless of whether you have any equipment.  The first of these will be launched on Monday on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCumXttGUw5-klHslB4gayVQ?view_as=subscriber
  • We have also set up an updates page on our website to keep you all informed with what we are doing and what you can do with regards to your circus play throughout the coming time.  You can find it here: https://sweetcircus.net/pages/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-update-page

What's in the pipeline?

Private Lessons:
We have a number of lovely venues who are still able to offer us hires so long as stringent disinfection protocols are followed.  These will be available for as long as it is permitted, and safe to do so, to students old and new as 1 - 2 - 1's or for family groups (members of the same household) who are not in a vulnerable category and do not have any symptoms.  The cost of these will depend entirely on the venue but should be available by next week so please get in touch if you want full details.

Free Video Tutorials:
It is really important that as we become more isolated we remain active, not just physically but also mentally so we will be providing regular free activity tutorials via our You Tube Channel, starting Monday.  Subscribe now so you don't miss out on Miz making a fool of her self trying to use the technology! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCumXttGUw5-klHslB4gayVQ?view_as=subscriber

Learn to Juggle & Circus at Home kits:
Over the next few weeks we will be developing kits of juggling or general circus play equipment along with instructions and games.  These will be available to purchase or hire.  We are talking to our funders and suppliers to make sure we can make these as affordable as possible, and we hope to have some free kits available for vulnerable groups. 

Online Learning:
We are currently looking into platforms such as zoom which would enable us to resurrect some of our classes including our much loved 50+ circus and add new ones - such as Zen Juggling.  For us this is both an exciting and challenging prospect that would enable students to participate at home.
Let us know what classes you would like us to make available and we'll do our best to make it happen.

What ideas do you have?
We are always keen to hear feedback and ideas from our community so, don't be shy, get in touch :)
While the current situation is an unfamiliar and difficult time for many of us, we at Sweet Circus feel it is important to find and cherish the positives.  For many of us there will be more family time, for those in our community who are isolated, neighbours will be more aware and able to lend a hand, perhaps even establish new friendships.  It is also the perfect time to take up a new hobby or learn something new.  Clearly we're going to tell you all to learn to juggle and start playing kendama!! But there are plenty of other things: knitting, crochet, singing, playing an instrument, writing, designing board games and so on.  Treat yourself to a little something to get you started, visit our website and have a browse: https://sweetcircus.net/collections/all

How will sweet circus survive?
It is true that with the loss of classes, festivals and events over the next few months we have lost almost our entire income.  We have contacted our funders to see if we can amend the projects they have agreed to fund to support the work we intend to do now.
We are sadly not eligible for the business grants announced over the last few days as we do not pay business rates.
It is only through the sales of products, private lessons and potential donations that we will be able to generate any new funds to keep us running and providing services through this difficult time.  However, it is more important to us to keep the vision & the ethos alive and vibrant, to ensure people are able to access activities that improve and maintain their physical, mental and brain health.  

What can you do?
  • Visit our website, subscribe to our You Tube channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.  All these things increase traffic to and visibility of our services.
  • Keep Circussing: participate in our free tutorials and online learning and encourage others to do the same.
  • Donate: Should you wish to! We have set up a donate item in our online shop, perhaps if you have enjoyed one of our tutorials, or found a new passion through our posts you might like to put a pound in the pot. Here is the link: https://sweetcircus.net/products/donation-to-support-the-circus-fun
Stay with us :)