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Royal Kendamas



When it comes to Kendama design the team at Royal Kendama have no time for half measures. The tiniest tweaks in shape and balance all help when it comes to getting the right feel for a trick. It took years of trials and tricking to finally get the Ken that can!

Royal needed a durable hardwood that was uncompromising and gave the best grain possible. Quality beech was the only choice. Guaranteed free of knots and flaws, their beech is tough and will look better as it matures.

Six lustrous colours adorn Royal tamas. The key to the Royal paint is longevity and texture. The paint stays fresh for longer – slick at first until it reaches clicking maturity. Then you can enjoy the grippy texture of a veteran tama, ripe for a Moon Landing.

We generally always have one of these on the side in the shop, it's a great distraction and a go-to plaything.

We use this Kendama in our workshop kit, and our workshop kit takes a pounding week after week! We don't want our kit breaking anymore than you, so if it's in our workshop kit then you can be sure the quality and durability has been fully tested!



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