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Jester XL Diabolo (Fixed Axle)

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The Juggle Dream Jester XL is the bigger brother of the best selling Medium sized, Jester Diabolo.

Despite its name, the Jester XL is ideal for beginners from around 10 years and older.

Like it's smaller brother, the Jester XL is specially balanced, with most of its weight concentrated in the rims allowing maximum stability. Being a little larger and heavier than the original, the XL has a longer spin time and greater stability as well as being a larger target to land on the string.

The Jester XL has all the same features which make ideal for slightly older beginners. The bright multi coloured cups allow you to gauge the speed of the diabolo so you can easily see how much time you have before running out of spin.

The 6mm wide axle is the widest of any medium sized fix axle diabolo. This makes the Jester perfect for stick & finger grinds. Constructed from tough rubber, the Jesters solid construction and flexible scratch resistant cups will handle drops from even the highest throws. The Jester XL offers unbeatable performance at this price. 

Drop us a line to see what colours we have in stock if there is something you particularly want. We supply these diabolos with wooden hand-sticks.