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Jester Diabolo (Fixed Axle)

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This medium sized diabolo is a great all round model.

It has good weight at the rims making it stable yet not too heavy for children.

They come in bright eye catching colours and are very durable. We supply these diabolo with a set of hand sticks and they are our go-to kit for teaching people diabolo skills. 

The Jester comes in a wide range of colours (see pic), but whichever one you choose (or we choose for you if unspecified) it will look great.

We use these very diabolos in our workshop kit, and our workshop kit takes a pounding week after week! We don't want our kit breaking anymore than you, so if it's in our workshop kit then you can be sure the quality and durability has been fully tested!

The price is for the diabolo and a set of wooden handsticks.