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Henry's Lizard Yoyo


The Henry's Lizard Yoyo has won a place in the Sweet Circus Team's hearts.

We always have a couple of these laying on the side, ready to be picked up an played with.

The Lizard has some pretty handy properties. While it's design lends itself to string trick, it works equally well for looping tricks. This is impart to due the clever design that means by a simple twist of the cups you can adjust how responsive it is. Let it sleep or have it pinging right back at ya for some looping action.

The rubber edge strip on the cups protects is from most human/floor errors.

The Lizard is so adaptable, it you could only have one Yoyo in your life, this would meet your needs.

The Lizard comes fitted with a string, but feel free to order a couple of spares from us to keep you going.

We use these very Yoyos in our workshop kit, and our workshop kit takes a pounding week after week! We don't want our kit breaking anymore than you, so if it's in our workshop kit then you can be sure the quality and durability has been fully tested!


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