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Flower Sticks


Our Flower Sticks have proven a real winner this year. Spin them, toss them and catch them.

They come in bright neon yellow, green, orange and pink, let us know if you have a colour preference on the checkout page or will can send you one based on a Sweet Circus dice roll!

A little easier to start with than a Devil Stick, these Flower Sticks are supplied with two black silicon coated hand sticks. The Flower Stick itself is 41.5cm long (or 65cm including flowers) and sports it's neon coloured silicon coat.

We use these very Flower Sticks in our workshop kit, and our workshop kit takes a pounding week after week! We don't want our kit breaking anymore than you, so if it's in our workshop kit then you can be sure the quality and durability has been fully tested!

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