Meet the Team


 At Sweet Circus we have a team of experts in facilitation both home grown and independently qualified.  We also offer volunteer opportunities to those interested in a career in Circus or just want to do something positive in their community, volunteers sometimes also take on paid roles within the company in addition to their volunteering.  Directors run the organisation on a voluntary basis even if they are paid as instructors.  Aside from this we will occasionally engage specialists or performers who are not part of the regular team.

Name: Miz
Role: Director, Lead Instructor & basically do everythinger!
Miz is our only Full-time team member and the linchpin that holds together this group of clowns! She trained as a dancer at the Sussex School of Dance and took on professional roles as a child in pantomimes, summer shows and touring productions. At 18 Miz took a role with a rural circus project ‘Tiny Top Circus’, inspired by this experience she spent the next decade of her career as a Community Artist and Performing Arts Teacher, not returning to the circus and performing until she was in her 30s. She trained as an instructor at Active Cherry Fitness and is now a well accomplished Aerialist, Circus Practitioner and Circus Fitness Instructor. Former UK Aerial Championships Finalist in both Instructor Open and Doubles categories Miz continues to perform, currently she is the Trapeze Artist in Bohemia Arts and Music’s ‘Sparkly Bird’.

Favourite Activity: Helping others grow and develop through play and mischief!
Favourite Food: Thai
What do you love about Sweet Circus?  My job is to play .... everyday!
Quote: "You won't get good at it by not doing it!"
Qualifications and Credentials:
Spin City Beginner Aerial Hoop Instructor
Spin City Intermediate Aerial Hoop Instructor
Nimble Arts Introduction to Teaching Aerials
Nimble Arts Foundation Trapeze Instructor
High Performance Rigging for Aerial Performance
Spin City Beginner Aerial Sling Instructor
Spin City Intermediate Aerial Sling Instructor
Exercise & Physical Activity For Children Instructor
Principles of Exercise
Anatomy and Physiology
Bungeefit Instructor
Emergency 1st Aid
PGCE in Further and Community Learning
UK Aerial Performance Championships finalist 2017 Instructor Open
Solent Pole and Aerial Competition runner up Doubles Hoop 2017
UK Aerial Performance Championships finalist 2018 Instructor Open & Instructor / Professional Doubles
Name: Kerry
Role: Director, Technical Manager, Driver of the Van
Along with Miz, Kerry originally founded Sweet Circus as a family business to provide real life work experience for their children.  Kerry learned to juggle as a teenager and had dreams of opening his own juggling school later in life.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and a “Proper Job” came along.  Still juggling, just about unicycling, and more recently Kendama Slaying, Kerry carts the kit, performers and instructors around and even gets involved in the teaching – if you’re really lucky!

Favourite Colour: Black
What do you love about Sweet Circus?  Showing people they can do things they never thought possible!
Quote: You cant buy happiness but you can buy Juggling Balls and that's pretty close"
Qualifications and Credentials:
Can spin a plate and drive a van at the same time (safely)
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Health & Safety Risk Assessment
1st Aid
Enhanced DBS
Name: Indi
Role: Director, Performer, Groundskills Instructor, Aerialist in Training, Rainbow Hoops manufacturer
Indi has obviously been with the company from its conception and has grown into a capable instructor, engaging performer, and skilled all rounder.  He is particularly at home causing chaos on the kangaroo stilts!  He had some trouble upon leaving school deciding what he wanted to do next, he completed a diploma in Digital Art and a BTEC in Tree Surgery before a friend pointed out to him that his plans always involved doing circus on the side “why not just do circus?” And that is exactly what he has done!

Favourite Colour: Yellow – A bold in your face industrial punky yellow!
What do you love about Sweet Circus?  The amazing opportunities it has given me & the friends I’ve made.  Also the smile on someone’s face when they land their first spike!
Advice for the world: “Stay Free, live the dream!”
Qualifications and Credentials:
Long shaggy hair, loud leary dress sense – what else do I need!
Falls from height and catastrophic bleeds emergency 1st Aid
Level 2 Food Hygiene
Name: Fin
Role: Director in training, groundskills instructor, inventor of games and general Pindaloo superstar!
Fin has grown up within the company, still at school he balances instructing, assisting in classes, running our stall at festivals with his own practise in juggling, flowersticks and Pindaloo (he has beaten the World Record don’t ya know) as well as keeping on top of his studies and becoming an increasingly competent drummer. 
Fin plans to eventually run his own complimentary business; a games café.
Favourite Activity: Juggling random objects
Favourite Food: Any kind of Mexican
What do you love about Sweet Circus?  The sense of community and comradery that I get with my peers and students.
Quote: "You need the ones you love and you love the ones you need"
Qualifications and Credentials: A genuine compassionate lad … And very funny!
Name: Sophie
Role: Director, Aerial Instructor, Autism Consultant
Sophie has been teaching Aerials for 4 years having trained for 3 years prior.  A Childhood love and dedication to dance had been forgotten for a few years while "Adulting" took priority. But then Sophie remembered she was just a big kid trapped in an adults body, so she took to the air & now supports others to fly.
Favourite Colour: All the colours, preferably at once!
What do you love about Sweet Circus? I love supporting people to forget their stresses and experience achievement, especially for those who can't access this in traditional ways.  I love making people feel joy by playing & being silly!
Quote: "I am nothing more than a tremendous bundle of experience"
Qualifications & Credentials:
Spin City Beginner Aerial Hoop Instructor
Spin City Intermediate Hoop Instructor
Spin City Beginner Aerial Sling Instructor
Spin City Intermediate Aerial Sling Instructor
Nimble Arts Intro to Teaching Aerials
Nimble Arts Foundation Silks Instructor
Nimble Arts Foundation Trapeze Instructor
Bungee Fit Instructor
1st Aider
Solent Pole and Hoop 2017 Hoop Doubles Runner Up
UK Aerial Performance Championships Finalist 2018 Instructor & Professional Open Doubles
Name: Lee
Role: Director and general ideas man
Lee has a had a varied career from motorcycle instructor and radio presenter to sales director.  He is now retired (or trying to be retired) and enjoys cycling and socialising.  As Sweet Circus grew from a family business Lee has the very important role of ensuring that the needs of the organisation are put before the needs of those running it.  We’re in good hands as Lee loves helping people, he just can’t stop himself!

Favourite Activity: Being Busy!
Advice for the world: “Life's about wanting what you have not having what you want”
What do you love about Sweet Circus? The team approach … and an emphasis on having fun
Qualifications and Credentials:
Can build a bike from scratch – therefore also a unicycle!
Name: Laura
Role: Aerial Hoop Instructor, Performer & Stilt Walker
Laura is a busy Mum of 3 boys and loves mischief just as much as they do.  She found a love of fitness and performing when she discovered Aerial at Active Cherry Fitness, where she and Miz met.  She now enjoys helping others discover and achieve in the air.  She has a real passion for nurturing children to learn and grow positive relationships with fitness, each other and themselves.

Favourite Colour: Burgundy … But most shades of pink or purple will do!
What do you love about Sweet Circus? A wonderful non-judgemental all accepting atmosphere where everyone can be supported to be their best self
Advice for the World: “Don’t take yourself to seriously, life’s too short!”
Qualifications and Credentials:
Spin City Beginners Hoop Instructor
Level 2 NVQ Children’s Health, Care & Development
Paediatric 1st aid
Child Protection & Safeguarding
Name: Tanzi
Role: Aerial Instructor
Tanzi fell in love with Aerial 4 years ago and decided to mix her love of teaching & aerial together.  She trained as instructor and has loved every minute of it, she is particularly at home supporting people with less than perfect confidence to achieve graceful combos and routines.

Favourite colour: Purple
What do you love about Sweet Circus? Watching children learn new skills and gain strength and confidence
Advice for the World: “Come and try Aerial, you will love it!”
Qualifications and Credentials:
Spin City Beginner Hoop Instructor
Spin City Flex Instructor
Home Ed Specialist
Neuro divergent Specialist
Name: Ali
Role: Brand Ambassador for Kendama (voluntary), occasional instructor
Back in the days when we had the shop in the enterprise centre this bundle of energy bounced in, played with all our kendamas, fell on the floor – quite a lot and generally talked our ears off about Kendama – we decided to keep him 😉.  Ali learned to Juggle when he was 10, just to beat his Mum who was learning at the time.  Having worked mostly in catering and travelling Australia, Ali took a degree in professional musicianship and has become a skilled guitar teacher.  He first played with a Kendama during his travels but he didn’t get really into it until 2017 and it is now a huge part of his life.  His fantastic teaching skills are put to good use engaging and educating people in the playing of Kendama, this happy, healthy activity.

Favourite things: Kendama, guitar, music, star wars, beer, trampolines, burgers, gardening, festivals, flamingos, Carcassonne, duck wars, snow and skateboarding
What do you love about Sweet Circus? The sweets and the circus!  Also, the family, good vibes & positive outlook to wellbeing
Quote: “Worse things have happened to better people”
Qualifications and Credentials: General Awesomeness!
Name: Alex
Role: Volunteer & Occasional Instructor
Like many in our extended circus family Alex has done many things, a salesman, a welder, and a business owner, but it was his 40 years as a Scout leader that bought him into contact with circus skills.  Over the years he learned to juggle and how to pass this skill on along with all the additional benefits this activity brings.  He is a family man and is loving being a Grandad.

Favourite Activity: Juggling
Favourite Food: Nice Bread
What do you love about Sweet Circus?  they are welcoming and such good company
Quote: “Dance to your own tune”
Relevant Qualifications:
40 years scout leader experience
Happy Person