Supported Strength and Stretch

As a busy working, performing, mum running my own very physical business I knew I needed to find a way to de-stress and look after my body and mind. But I needed something that would fully occupy my mind, so I am not preoccupied with all the things I could should or would be doing. To this end I am developing a new exercise programme: SSS – Supported Strength and Stretch.

This is a new gentle but effective class I run at the Yoga-Life studio in South Street, Eastbourne. Participants are supported by a loop of aerial fabric while they engage and lengthen muscles. The class is very gentle and relaxing at the same time as providing a work out. It is inspired by both yoga and aerial circus, but it is not quite either. 

One participant wrote “I have loved using the sling to gently stretch, relieving tension throughout my body. (I could easily fall sleep on the mat afterwards as I have been so relaxed!!) I have also enjoyed building strength with conditioning exercises.”

The class is designed for people who have been away from exercise for a while, or want to develop a bit of exercise confidence before they try a more energetic workout. It is also perfect for anyone who is ‘Aerial Curios’ and wants to get an idea of what it might be like before committing to an Aerial Fitness course.

As a South East Ariel Performance Instructor Champion, and fully a qualified and insured Aerial instructor, I have plenty of experience in pushing your body to the limit, but this is more about putting something back in and allowing muscles and joints to recharge and develop peacefully. Students often comment comment on how important the instructor is in making them feel comfortable and able to achieve. “Miz is a fabulous instructor. She is professional, encouraging, supportive, fun, safe, offers lots of variety and caters to each student individually.”

Classes run on a Friday at 11.30am. More information is available on the Sweet Circus website or you can get in touch / 07718 996 853.