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Same values - new home

It's a super busy time here at Sweet Circus HQ, and we are very pleased that a project we have been working on for a while has now come together.

Rainbow Hoops are very well known in the UK for their amazing LED Hula Hoops, they have been hand made in the UK by Craig and Mandy Goddard for 11 years and the reviews and love that they receive on the various Hula Hoop groups are all there for you to see.

Craig and Mandy Goddard

Craig and Mandy Rainbow Hoops Mummy & Daddy!

After working so hard Craig & Mandy decided it was time for a change of pace and to put a retirement plan in place.

Sweet Circus wanted to ensure the legacy lived on, so our team have worked with Craig & Mandy to secure the future of Rainbow Hoops.

We are very pleased to now confirm that Rainbow-Hoops is part of the Sweet Circus family.

Indi Setting Up The New Workshop

The hoops will still be made in the UK to the same spec, the workshop has just moved south a little from the Midlands down to the Sunshine Coast.

Over the next 2 weeks production will come online and through the Sweet Circus website you will be able to buy your LED hoops ready to amaze and wow when the sun goes down!

For more information see our website for updates www.sweetcircus.net or drop us a line info@sweetcircus.net.

In the meantime enjoy some pictures of the hoops in use..............

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