Animarium @ The Royal Hippodrome - Eastbourne 21st & 22nd Oct 2016

Think about pressure, expectation, performance. Think about a hundreds of people looking at you, with a spot light on you, while you carry out something that is skilful, difficult and physically demanding in front of them.

That’s what everybody who entertained us in in the Acting Moon Events production of Animarum on Friday and Sat at the Royal Hippodrome had to overcome.

Many who performed were from the Active Cherry Fitness stable, where they have spent weeks, months or even years learning how to defy gravity and control equipment made of heavy steel……….while making it look graceful and effortless.

No biggy then!

While the instructors at Active Cherry come from a wide variety of backgrounds, they are not all seasoned public performers.

For many performance is a long way along a journey that started from looking on in awe at somebody else’s skills, being inspired by that person then making a commitment to themselves to improve.

Whether you want to spin in a hoop, sail in the silks, mesmerise on a pole, juggle, ride a unicycle or surprise with your diabolo skills you can do it. Anybody can do it.

You do need however two ingredients to set you aside from everybody who can’t - time and confidence in your new skills.

Time is a commitment every one of the individuals you saw on the stage gave, it’s a result of sacrifices made and it’s them practicing while you watch Netflix and sup tea.

Confidence in your skills if different from being a confident person, but confidence in your skills will feed your self-confidence as a result of the challenges your skills will let you face – like a new move or even theatre show!

Confidence in your skills is difficult to obtain, and to get it you must be lucky enough to train with people who make you feel welcome, valued and part of the family. Skills must be nurtured by Instructors who genuinely care, who support and who can push you just enough.

Clearly Andi Cherry Ariseanu and her instructors at Active Cherry are providing this, because those folks who got on the stage at the weekend for our entertainment smashed it out of the (circus) ring!

While some of us may have no inclination to perform on a stage, we can all benefit from the journey. Circus skills whether practiced at home, with friends or with the support good teachers in a studio will take your confidence and physical health as far as you want them to.

If you enjoyed the show, then why not make that commitment to yourself – the commitment to improve (just a bit).