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Sweets Prime Kendama - Sports Stripe


The Sport Stripes are the leaders in trackability.

2 pinstripes pop against the white background of the tama, helping you to always track that centre line. With the top, thicker stripe being a different colour than the lower thing stripe this helps to see which way is "up" as the tama spins through the air.

For even more help landing the spike every time, these tamas feature a natty bottom that stands out against the white paint. 

These also feature the new Prime Print; A Cross Ken logo and Prime logo in concentric circles around the string hole. 

Finished with Prime Sticky Clear these tamas are designed to look good and play better.

Matched with the Prime ken these are made to lace. 

The Prime shape has larger cups and a premium shape that is great for beginners and pros alike. The kens now feature a Cross Ken logo burned on the top of the little cup.

Each Prime is strung with coloured string to match the colour of one of the stripes on the tama. Packaging includes the brand new Prime sticker pack and a coloured replacement string.

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