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Sweets Kendama v17 Brewski Kendamas


Prime Custom V17 - The Brewski Series!

Inspired by some famous suds, Sweets transformed cans and bottles into amazing custom paints. Each Brewski is painted in the Sweets Lab by their master painter. These damas are all supplied in Cushion Clear.  Get them while they are cold!

The Heiney is inspired by the classic Dutch lager, with a light to dark green fade and the iconic red star on top!

The Rona is the perfect dama for a relaxing day at the beach. Superior tracking with navy and gold half-split, and a little lime on top!

The Blue Ribbon is inspired by the all American classic can. Featuring metallic Red, Blue, and Silver with a blur ribbon mark on top. 

Prime Customs are Prime Kendamas, painted in the Sweets Lab. Sweets wanted to provide a premium version of the Prime line, and show off what their in-house painters can do! 

Prime Customs have their own packaging, include a spinner bead and have a cross ken on the handle instead of the Sweets mark, but the shape, specs and measurements of the kendama are exactly the same as a regular Prime. Because Prime Customs are painted by hand, there may be some variation between what is pictured and what you receive. 

Price is per Kendama.

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