Sweet Circus Party in a Box!

Sweet Circus Party in a Box!

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Now that you can meet up with small numbers of friends or family, perhaps your having a mini birthday party or a family barbecue.  This kit is sure to bring fun and active play to your gathering whilst remaining socially distanced and Covid safe.

We have redesigned our workshop box hire with Covid 19 restrictions and safety in mind and can now offer you a Circus Party in a Box.

The kit is designed for up to 6 people and is only available in Eastbourne, or very close by.  If you live further afield and are know to us, get in touch I am sure we can arrange something!

***£5 cash back*** is available if you are able to provide us with photos or video clips of you having a great time with our kit as obviously we can't be there to take them!

So what do you get?

We will deliver the kit to you in the morning and collect again either in the evening or following day.  Kit contains:

  • 9 Juggling Balls
  • 9 Tri-it Juggling beanbags
  • 3 Juggling Rings
  • 6 Spinning Plates
  • 6 Diabolo
  • 6 Flower Sticks
  • 3 sets of Poi
  • 2 Twirling Ribbons
  • 2 Cup & Ball
  • 2 Kendama
  • 1 Pindaloo
  • 1 set of basic instructions for use

What precautions are being taken?

The kit will be quarantined and / or alcohol cleaned between bookings as appropriate, delivery and collection will take place at a social distance and gloves will be worn.

You are advised not to share equipment with guests who are not members of your household without appropriate protection ie gloves and hand washing procedures.

In addition, you will be responsible for supervising use of the kit.  Be aware that there are small parts and choking hazards such as the nibs of plate sticks and flower sticks as well as ligature risk from stings and ribbons etc.  Therefore children are not to be left unattended with special supervision given to younger children.  A waiver will need to be completed to show that you assume responsibility for such risk.

How do I book?

In the first instance please get in touch with us to check availability of the date, we will then supply you with the booking forms etc and you can go ahead and pay here.

Then we will confirm your booking and deliver the kit as agreed, ready for you to have a full day of circussy fun.