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LED Big top Bearing Diabolo

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The Big Top LED is a jumbo sized,bearing axle diabolo from European juggling company Juggle Dream.

This version of the Big Top comes fitted with two LED light kits. These kits focus the red, green and blue LEDs into the translucent side cups, making the entire diabolo glow, as well as creating multi coloured pin point trails of light for anyone watching from the sides. This diabolo looks seriously cool in the dark!

Just like the standard Big Top, this version comes fitted with a one-way bearing and will spin for considerably longer than fixed diabolos.

The extra wide axle also makes tricks like finger grinds much easier and the Jumbo sized (129mm) cups make it very stable at all speeds. Constructed from tough, scratch resistant TPE, the Big Top will handle repeated drops from even the highest throws. Each LED kit use 3 x LR44 button cells.