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Kendama Israel - BIG BROTHER BAMBOO – FADED TETRAH – PHASE II (range of colours)


The Faded TETRAH you already know and love is finally back – stronger than ever!

We are proud to present a classic throwback to our all time favourite Kendama!!

The Big Brother PHASE II is made from high-quality bamboo wood, featuring the FADED TETRAH design w/ RHINO clear.

What’s new?

  • Improved wood quality and durability!
  • High quality Bamboo wood
  • Minor shape adjournments to match every play style!
  • Bearing – upgraded bead


TETRAH – black Geometric tetrahedrons stripe, coated with the new Clear coat – RHINO clear.

All tamas are hand painted in Israel by @biko004 (Aviram Lugassi).


Comes with an extra string & bead and is supplied in a Kendama Israel canvas Kendama bag.

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