CPD & Staff wellbeing

There are many ways your business can benefit from involvement in our little world of circus fun.  Read on for ideas and inspiration:

CPD, Team Building & Staff Wellbeing:

We are sure you already knew that Circus is good for you.  There are the obvious physical health benefits as all circus skills have a level of physical activity involved and active healthy employees are more likely to be happy productive employees.   The ability of circus skills to develop team working is also well known and respected, not only is circus the original community arts form, but it is equally funny and frustrating requiring cooperation in group activities.  A circus skills taster session is a perfect bonding experience for your working teams.

What is less well known is that the process of learning many circus skills engages both right and left brain.  This creates new pathways in the brain, which not only preserve our mental capacity as we age but in the immediate future can allow participants to innovate, see problems or situations from a different point of view and change perspectives.   This in turn improves problem solving, time management and physical efficiency, skills all businesses would like to develop in their staff and leaders alike.

There are also clear benefits to mental health and general wellness, a state of calm focus is developed through participation in circus arts, endorphins are realised and stress hormones reduced.  And we all know how important it is to invest in our staff’s well-being if we want strong, long term and effective working relationships.

 Sweet Circus can provide a range of bespoke training and workshops to help your workforce.  We are always happy to work with you to build a bespoke programme to suit your unique outcomes but favourites include:

  • Juggling Breaks
  • Circus Skills Taster
  • Aerial Circus Taster
  • Creative Learning / Project based learning
  • Make for me - Sell to me
  • Understanding additional needs
  • Clowning around


Get in touch to discuss your desired staff training outcomes and let us suggest a package to suit you. info@sweetcircus.net