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Corporate Training

There are many ways your business can benefit from involvement in our little world of circus fun.  Read on for ideas and inspiration:


CPD, Team Building & Staff Wellbeing:

We are sure you already knew that Circus is good for you.  There are the obvious physical health benefits as all circus skills have a level of physical activity involved and active healthy employees are more likely to be happy productive employees.   The ability of circus skills to develop team working is also well known and respected, not only is circus the original community arts form, but it is equally funny and frustrating requiring cooperation in group activities.  A circus skills taster session is a perfect bonding experience for your working teams.

What is less well known is that the process of learning many circus skills engages both right and left brain.  This creates new pathways in the brain, which not only preserve our mental capacity as we age but in the immediate future can allow participants to innovate, see problems or situations from a different point of view and change perspectives.   This in turn improves problem solving, time management and physical efficiency, skills all businesses would like to develop in their staff and leaders alike.

There are also clear benefits to mental health and general wellness, a state of calm focus is developed through participation in circus arts, endorphins are realised and stress hormones reduced.  And we all know how important it is to invest in our staff’s well-being if we want strong, long term and effective working relationships.


Sweet Circus can provide a range of training and workshops to help your workforce.  We are always happy to work with you to build a bespoke programme to suit your unique outcomes but favourites include:

Juggling Breaks Programme: Ideally this is a series of short sessions delivered over a period of time, perhaps within lunch break or as a weekly fun activity, however, it can be delivered in two extended sessions where necessary.  Employees are first introduced to the concept of juggling with a few juggling games and exercises.  A collection of juggling balls are left on the premises for employees to practice with between sessions.  At each visit our instructor will monitor progress and take employees to the next level.  Some will learn to juggle very quickly and will need more difficult challenges, whereas others will take longer to reach the presented goal of learning to juggle, but regardless of pace participants will benefit equally.  This programme is designed to fully capitalise on the right brain/ left brain benefits of learning to juggle along with prioritising the well-being of your employees.  The aim would be to make juggling breaks (just 10 – 15 minuets a day) part of the culture of your organisation to benefit both the employees and the business.  We at Sweet Circus are so hugely passionate about this programme that we are offering it at hugely discounted rates locally.

Circus Skills Taster workshop: A carousel of circus activities such as plate spinning and diabolo. These relaxed fun sessions are all about getting stuck in and trying something new, individual practice and partnered work are included which is great for bonding and building a team ethic.  This workshop can include aerial hoop taster sessions which is more physically demanding and is suitable for those whose work is already physical in nature and helps to develop risk strategies.

Circus Skills Challenge workshop: Similar to the taster session but with a greater emphasis on team challenges and a little healthy competition between groups.  This is all about developing team working skills.

Make for me / Sell to me: This workshop has more influence from the drama disciplines and focuses on team building, time management creativity and innovation.  Having been introduced to a range of circus props and their use – such as balloon modelling for example, groups are then challenged to create and sell to the ‘company’ a useful item.  This is a fun but challenging session requiring as much thinking energy as physical exertion, ideal for businesses with a more creative disposition.


Get in touch to discuss your desired staff training outcomes and let us suggest a package to suit you



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