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Jester Bearing Diabolo

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The Jester Bearing is a medium sized, bearing axle diabolo from European juggling company Juggle Dream.

This Diabolo’s size and weight make it ideal for beginner to intermediate players of all ages and the perfect option for anyone looking for a great value bearing diabolo.

The Jester Bearing is a brand new version of the hugely popular Jester (fixed axle model). The main difference between the fixed and bearing models is the one-way bearing axle. This locks as it speeds up, then free spins, allowing the diabolo to spin for considerably longer than any fixed axle, giving you extra time to learn new tricks, or perform even longer more complicated ones.

The specially shaped, tough rubber cups give the diabolo optimum durability & stability, while the multi coloured pattern helps you judge how fast the diabolo is spinning. All this makes sure you never run out of spin before your trick is finished.

This diabolo is supplied with wooden hand-sticks.